Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution Number 2

Another one of my New Year's Resolutions is to eat at home more, therefore eating out less.  There are two reasons behind this.  First, we are trying to eat more whole foods and less of the processed junk.  Now, I am not the type to say I will never cook with a can of cream of mushroom soup again.  In fact one of my favorite soup recipes has cream of mushroom, and I plan on making it several times this winter.  But obviously the more real foods you're eating, the more fruits and veggies you're eating, the healthier you're eating, and that is definitely my goal.  

The other reason is to save money.  I only work part time and my husband is fairly new at his job so saving money is a big priority for us these days.  (Another resolution to come)

I love to cook.  Wanting to cook is not my problem.  My problem is realizing it's 4 o'clock and I have no plans and feel too worn out to think about it, which results in calling Michael to grab a pizza on the way home.  

So, in order to eat at home more and save money, I'm committing to sitting down every weekend and meal plan for the week.  I'm really trying to use what we already have in our freezer and pantry for the next few months.

Enter May Books.  Oh May Books.  How I love May Books.  Seriously, if you haven't heard of May Books, you're missing out.  May Books are little notebooks you design yourself.  I got several for Christmas, including a blank one, one for my lesson plans, a budgeting book, and a meal planner book.

Here is the 2 page spread inside.  The left is for your meal plan and the right is a place for a grocery list and notes.

Don't they just want to make you get organized?  

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  1. Ok I so want one! LauraLockmiller